Visions for Nigeria Foundation was founded in August 2001. Registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja, Nigeria with registration No. RC: 003676 dated 29th July, 2004 and commenced full Operations in Nigeria in July 2004.

Visions for Nigeria Foundation (a Nigeria development charity) is a nonprofit, Non-Governmental Organization that works with partners and volunteers to implement programmes that provide all social groups notably youths, women, children and rural communities with tools they need for sustenance. It was founded to respond to social and medical needs after a conscientious analysis and surveillance of specific needs of affected populations.

With the valuable help of our partners and volunteers such as Australian High Commission, Ministry of Health, National Agency for the Control of AIDS, Road Safety Commission and National Planning Commission we are proud to say that within its over 10 years of humanitarian operations the organization has trained and provided to start up capital to many vulnerable youths and women in vocation skills to be self-reliance.

The Team

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Mr. Martins Okoronkwo

President | Founder

Ojieh Ugochukwuka

Programs Manager

Mercy Samuel Ikechukwu

Administrative officer

Our Goals And Objectives

-To promote qualitative education for youths, orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) through training, seminars and scholarships.

-To engage volunteers in promoting and advocating for the well being of youths, orphans and vulnerable children.

-To promote youth empowerment and reduce unemployment through training on vocational skills and sports.

-To create awareness on HIV/AIDS and other STIs, (Prevention, Care and Support Programme.)

-To reduce child mortality to minimal level by empowering nursing mothers and creating standardized free medical cares.

-To influence policy formation with regards to OVC and youths nationally by building effective network.

-To provide support for victimized or molested youths, orphan and vulnerable children legally, socially and economically.

-To reduce or alleviate unemployment among the youths by involving micro finance Banks to provide loans for small scale businesses.

-To initiate programs for the welfare of the youths and OVCs through quality education, scholarships and training for self-dependence and self-sustenance


Building the capacity of youths, orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) to engage as agents of change in their communities and Nigeria at large.


To empower the youths, orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) for self actualization through the provision of qualitative education, health services and economic development while working with volunteers.

Core Values

-Volunteerism | -Love
-Collaboration | -Integrity.

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