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Visions for Nigeria Foundation is a non- governmental,Non- Profit organization involved in numerous socio- humanitarian projects aimed at making a positive contribution to the growth of our nation, Nigeria .Over the years we have undertaken various projects aimed at providing proper health care, education and trainings on life sustaining skills to youths and vulnerable children (OVC). we are currently in Abuja but hope to expand and reach the 36 states in Nigeria.

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As the Millennium Development Goals draw to a close and governments agree the new Sustainable Development Goals, close to a billion people remain in extreme poverty, earning less than $1.25 a day.

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Most abandoned children are within the age renge of 3 to 8 when they become orphans, This is due to parental neglect at an early stage in their lives..

Scano is a program set up and running by Visions for Nigeria foundation to provide funds for orphans and marginalized students to send them to school, it also caters for their school needs which include, uniforms, stationary and school books. we all have choices and your choice today could save a Childs educational future

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