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What Broke Peace in the World of Humans?

The root cause is Greed, then Disorder which lead to the Collapse of peace, war and tragedy. The solution is Peace Education founded on love and restoration of order in the world.

Isn’t it too hasty of a generalization to say that the cause of war and conflict is greed?

A1. On the surface, the causes of war are diverse, including ethnic conflicts, religious conflicts, and domestic and foreign political situations. However, war with violence are not the only solution to all conflicts.

Conflicts can be resolved by means of dialogue, negotiation, conciliation, mediation, litigation, etc. without using violence. Violence is not a biological need that results in a deficiency if it is not resolved, such as appetite or sexual desire.

The fundamental reason why humans choose the simplest and most destructive violence as a way of resolving conflicts is greed. Because violence is the easiest and fastest way to satisfy one’s greed.

A2. Human greed has lowered the rate of choosing peaceful solutions such as dialogue and negotiation. Instead, the rate of choosing violence has increased sharply. However, all conflicts in the home, school, and society can be resolved without the use of violence.

In most countries, domestic law classifies violence as a crime. Therefore, the use of violence is not recognized in any case other than self-defense. In the end, the use of violence is the result of greed.

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