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Context and basis of the establishment of the youth cafe’


Context and basis of the establishment of The Youth Café

Young people make up the bulk of Africa’s total population with an estimated 75% of the continent’s population below the age of 35. From a demographic point of view, this calls for a paradigm shift towards the recognition and support of the youth to harness their potential by building capacity for quality education and skills improvement, health and well-being, good governance, human rights and accountability, employment opportunities, leadership skills, empowerment and entrepreneurship.

This is the basis for the prioritization of youth development by The Youth Café. The Youth Café is a not-for profit youth organization incorporated in Kenya as a company by limited guarantee. It was initially registered as a Business Name No BN/2014/317392 on 7th October, 2014 then transitioned to a company by limited guarantee on the 4th of January, 2018 to accommodate it’s expanding operations and activities. The Youth Café is duly Equivalency Determination Certified by the San Francisco based NGO source. An ED certificate for The Youth Café is available in the NGO source repository and immediately available to their member grant makers upon request.

The Youth Café is non profit making and all its finances go directly to its youth empowerment programs. Our strategy has always been to look at today’s youth bulge as an opportunity for development and economic growth. This is why we are the leading organization for implementing a broad range of personal and professional development programs spanning life skills, job activations, media advocacy, entrepreneurship, peace and conflict prevention, among others. To date, we have reached 1.6 million young men and women with our projects and attracted major partners such as USAID, UNESCO, Ford Foundation, Global Challenges Fund, and Google to mention a few. Find out our other partners.

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